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Who is Jules Marie?

Jules Marie is a performing/recording vocalist and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA.
Growing all over Pennsylvania, from the Pocono Mountains to the city of Philly and its surrounding Greater Philadelphia area she had a love for music from a young age. She started singing as soon as she could talk, and always knew that singing and performing is something she would do for her entire life.
Now with original songs released on all major streaming platforms and booking live performances, she has already had some great success with her heartfelt creations. She prides herself on being genre-defying with a wide range of vocal styles; Everything from RnB to Rock, Pop, Alternative, Indie, Blues, World Music, Jazz, Country, and so many more.

Her goal is to use her voice to impact the world, and she has a deep love for all musical styles and all humankind.

“Jules's voice brings us love, compassion, hope, and belief. As she believes her music is meant to be heard by all. Her lyrics and composures are but music to my ears, and I hope you will hear the magic in her voice”
- Martha Voorhees (Bucks County Bytes)

"I tend to write about how I view the world and how I view the whole journey of life. I’m human. We all are. - As young as I am, I have had a pretty crazy ride in life so far. I feel like I have so many stories to share. Both good and bad."
- Philadelphia Weekly

"Exciting, engaging, and captivating, Jules Marie is one of those artists who know how to stand out from the crowd! ...Strong of a unique musical talent, excellent songwriting skills, and a distinctive voice"
- Planet Singer

"Jules uses her pain to ignite a flame of hope in other people because these are blessings that have allowed her to break outside the box and do her own thing."
- Mike C-Roc "What Are You Made of?"

"Continuing to establish her name with the various projects she has released, Jules Marie will soon be a household name at the rate she continues to produce heartfelt creations."


Indie Pop, Alternative, Inspirational. RnB. Soul., R&B/soul, Neo-Soul, Pop, Indie, New Alternative


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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